A specific business expertise

Real estate professionals specialized in technical characteristics

Our real estate negotiators are genuine business experts in housing built after 2000. They have acquired sound knowledge in construction techniques and standards – from the Decree of 30 June 1999 on acoustic characteristics, to the adoption of the current Thermal Regulations – French RT 2012 –, soon to be replaced by the RT 2020.

Regulations have changed significantly and building standards and techniques are becoming more rigorous. They have made it possible to build apartments providing a more comfortable and economical daily living environment. However, they have become more complex and difficult to understand. They therefore require professional know-how.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the specific features found in these constructions:

  • Thermal and soundproofing insulation standards – from Decree of 30 June 1999 on acoustic characteristics to the adoption of the RT – French Thermal Regulation – 2012 and soon to be the RT 2020,
  • NF Habitat or NF Habitat HQE (high environmental quality) standards,
  • NFC-15.100 electrical standards,
  • Seismic standards,
  • Disabled accessibility standards,
  • Safety standards,
  • NF EN 81-70 lift standards,
  • Benefits of guarantees from the first to the tenth year of construction: perfect completion guarantee, proper functioning guarantee, ten-year guarantee, property damage insurance.

« Real estate professionals, specialized in the technical characteristics of apartments and houses built after 2000»

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